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Paper Based Document Storage Cost Analysis

Use this form to determine your monthly paper document cost then call Express Digital Solutions to see how you can save money and operate more efficiently.

You may save any number of different analyses by entering your name, email address and an analysis name at the botom of this form. You may save as many as you wish. Saved analyses will be purged every 120 days.

To retrieve saved analyses, enter your email address below.

Average Salary (hourly):
(per the Arizona Republic 8/05, the averae. loaded labor cost in Maricopa county is $21.50/hr)
Number of new hanging folders added every month:
Monthly Cost related to production of hanging folders:
# of new hanging folders x average labor cost per minutes x 7 (minutes - estimated)
+ # of new hanging folders x $.75 for all associated stationary.

Average number of pages per hanging folder:
Average Number of times each page is copied during its lifetime:
Total number of copies and prints made to use/process documents internally:
(typically 75% of printing and copying is for internal use)
Monthly Cost related to replication of paper files:
# of new hanging folders x # of pages per folder x # of times each pages is copied x $.06 (average cost per copy).

How many 4 drawer filing cabinets:
Current annual lease price per sq. foot:
Monthly Cost of space allocated to paper files:
# of filing cabinets x 9 (square footage per cabinet) x monthly lease cost per square foot.

Number of people who retrieve or access files:
Average number of files retrieved per day per person:
Average time to retrieve each file (minutes):
(statistics indicate average file retrieval takes 4 min)
Average number of misfiled files per month:
Average time to retrieve each misfiled files (minutes):
Monthly Labor Cost to retrieve paper files:
# of files retrieved per day (including misfiled files) x average time of retrieval (including misfiled files) x average labor cost per minutes x 22 (average working days per month).

Number of daily fax jobs:
Average time taken to fax out files:
GAO estimates that the average fax job takes 7-8 minutes.
Number of mailed pieces out per month:
Average postage cost per mailed piece:
Average time taken to mail out each piece:
Average time to process a mail piece is 2-3 minutes.
Monthly Cost of sending paper packages, pieces or jobs off premises:
# of fax jobs out per day x time per fax job x average labor cost per minutes x 22 (average working days per month).
+ additional costs (# of fax jobs per day x $.02 (estimated faxing communication cost + $.06 (average cost per copy - for the cover sheet) x 22 (average working days per month).
+ number of pieces mailed per month x (postage costs + estimated $.05 per envelope)
+ number of pieces mailed per month x average time for each mailer x average labor cost per minute

Number of Fedex packages sent per month:
Time taken to prepare Fedex files to be sent out (minutes):
Average time to prepare a Fed-Ex package is 4-5 minutes.
Average cost for Fedex package:
Monthly Cost related to Fedex:
# of fedex files x time per document)
+ # of fedex files x cost per document.

Total Monthly Costs associated with a paper filing system:

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