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Frequently Asked Questions

1. In What Format are Documents Scanned/Saved?
• Scanned images are generally stored as TIFF files. We use highly compressed group 4 TIFF that does not lose quality. Images can also be scanned directly to PDF if desired.
• Our software supports all file types, including spreadsheets, word processing documents, images, design drawings, music files and even highly specific data files.

2. From What Source/Media Will Your System Accept Input?
• Express Digital Solutions supports decentralized scanning and indexing. This means that  we can support single scan stations or major scanning farms. Indexing happens independently so you can accomplish more work and have specialization if necessary.
• We accept electronic content from across the desktop environment and here are a variety of ways to migrate this information.


3. How Will Your Solution Integrate with our Email System?
• Express Digital Solutions has an email module that can file away sent and received emails automatically, thus enabling you to ensure that even email correspondence within your organization is archived in a compliant fashion for regulatory requirements. We then allow you to search the emails according to a varying set of criteria.

4. Can Your Solution Accept Input of Metadata Along with Scanned Images?
• Yes. The metadata is used for searching the individual files once they are in the repository. Bar coding, OCR, linking in other databases, manual entry and other input mechanisms are part of the acceptance process.

5.  Is There Software Available to View Scanned Files for any User?
• Yes. We use Group 4 TIFF files which are standardized and widely accepted, regardless of whether or not your company has the same document imaging system. There are many image viewers on the market, including open-source viewers. Again, we scan as TIFF or PDF.
• We can provide a method for exporting their images & files to WORM (CD and DVD are our most commonly used media) media so that third parties and/or regulatory bodies can view AND search the information when required by law.

6. Which Versions of Windows is it Compatible With? Which Versions of MacOS?
• Our Document Management is entirely browser based. Our only requirements are that end users be using IE 5.5 or greater on PC's only.

7. Can a Document History be Shown? (ex: revisions, audit trails, version control)
• Yes. Express Digital Solutions has full versioning. Rolling back to previous versions of documents is an available product. Documents can be checked in and checked out, ensuring that changes to the documents are not overwritten.
• Our auditing features allow for complete tracking and reporting on system activity.

8. Are Scanned Documents Considered Legal and Do You Have Information Stating So?
• Yes and Yes. Scanned documents are stored in a lossless and unalterable format. Admissibility laws regarding the acceptability of scanned documents as originals require inalterability and proper storage. State and Federal courts have been accepting scanned images as "best evidence" for a considerable amount of time.

9. What are the Steps for Disaster Recovery and Back-Ups?
• For SMB operations, we include built in back-up systems that operate on an automated process. Thus, disaster recovery of mission critical information is quick and complete.

10. What is Your Policy on Software Upgrades?
• As a client of Express Digital Solutions online service, all server software is updated at no additional labor or cost to you.