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Business Systems and Software Integration

“I highly recommend John and Express Digital. They have a timely, useful and practical product and service which can help companies become more productive and save time, money and aggravation. Also, in an era of data and identity theft and employee turnover, every company needs to consider a security solution such as that offered by Express Digital. To top it all, John and his staff are a pleasure to work with!”

Integration with your core business applications and Windows has become a requirement for a Content Management solution. Information coming from numerous sources must be able to be saved quickly and efficiently into these systems. Likewise, the data in your existing core applications has been accumulated over time, at a considerable expense and is now a valuable asset. These systems must provide a process that allows you to leverage your investment in these systems and data.

Express Digital Solutions provides the services you need to directly integrate with your existing applications and to unlock the value of your data. Our consulting team can help in all aspects of your implementation.

Our consulting services can help you develop your information lifecycle management (ILM) strategy to address your most critical business and IT pain points. We have some of the most award winning and experienced technicians available anywhere.

Our consulting services can help you get your environment up and running fast, with minimal disruption, including platforms, software, solutions, and operating systems.

Our software consulting services can assist you with operational support, advice, improvements, and comprehensive management of your operations and assets.

Read the white paper below about one of our more complex integration success stories.