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Express Digital Solutions Visioneer VAR Of The Month

Visioneer Solution Provider of the Month
December 2007
Express Digital Solutions LLC is an authorized system integrator for the premier suppliers of document capture, workflow, storage and retrieval products.
The Maricopa County Sheriffs Office, the largest Sheriffs office in the country, recently consulted Express Digital Solutions to streamline their employee hiring and screening process. Their current
method was very complex and paper based.
“They were exhausting their labor budgets by having to constantly extend the timeframe needed to process applicant paperwork,” said John Longobardo, CEO of Express Digital Solutions. “The substantial amount of time that it was taking the human resources department to hire applicants for employment, resulted in excessive overtime expenses, costly mistakes, miss-filed paperwork, and duplicated efforts.
Express Digital Solutions installed a FileBound system with work flow, e-forms and seven Xerox DocuMate 272 desktop scanners to automate the entire paper based hiring process.
FileBound solutions are an easy-to-use yet highly robust Content Management system that combines content management, document management, records management, workflow management and E-forms in one easy to use application. System deployment is instant, integration with existing line of business applications is seamless, and the Express Digital system can scale to support as few or as many enterprise users an organization requires.
“The Maricopa County Sheriffs Office has been so pleased with the Xerox DocuMate 272 scanner, that they are in the process of ordering 3-4 more,” said Longobardo. “At maturity they may have as many as 18-20.”
The hiring process at Maricopa has been shortened by weeks, resulting in an increased number of completed employment packages without overtime spending. Employment records are also much more accurate and are now compliant with existing privacy laws and regulations.
Express Digital Solutions offers a versatile, highly scalable and feature rich document management application. It is an entirely browser-based software product that offers highly customizable elements to allow Express Digital Solutions engineers, systems administrators and partners the ability to create a total solution for document management.
Express Digital has been nominated for the Valley Sterling Awards for 2006 and again for 2007. The Sterling Awards nominate the top 3 companies in the valley in each size category based upon Innovation, Leadership, and community giving and stewardship. The company has also been voted on of the top 2 Electronic Content Management (ECM) companies in the state of Arizona for both 2006 and 2007 by Ranking Arizona Magazine.