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Our quality assurance process will guarantee your satisfaction.

A Detailed assessment of the customer’s document storage and retrieval requirements are performed for every scanning project. The success of our projects is dependent upon a detailed understanding of specific customer requirements. Our biggest priorities are document security and customer satisfaction. Our “Quality assurance process” is comprised of the following steps:

    1. Description of Work
    A detailed scope of work outlining every aspect of the conversion process, including deliverable dates, will be reviewed and accepted by the customer prior to the start-up work to ensure total customer satisfaction. An experienced Document Solutions Specialist will guide you through the process.
    2. Secure Document Transportation
    Documents will be inventoried, picked up, and transported to our secure local facility at Gompers Habilitation Services for preparation and processing.
    3. Document control and Document Security
    All documents are checked in by a professional upon delivery at our facility. Our tracking system allows us to track boxes from start to finish, making it easy to locate a document if it is needed by the customer during the electronic conversion process. A phone “hot line” is provided into the scan center supervisor to facilitate finding critically needed files that will be immediately scanned and electronically delivered to the customer when requested.
    4. Document Preparation
    Documents of various sizes up to 11" x 17" will be thoroughly prepared for scanning -- all staples, binders and paper clips are removed, corners smoothed, and torn pages are repaired to ensure quality images.
    5. Scanning
    State-of-the-art Xerox high speed scanners scan the documents, converting every page and graphic into digital images. Scanning resolution is typically 200 dots per inch in black & white. Color scanning is also available in higher resolutions.
    6. Image Enhancement
    Our software will enhance the digital images to make them better than the originals. Documents will have enhanced image quality while maintaining the integrity of the original document by not altering any of the original document contents. If searchable documents are required Optical character recognition (OCR) scanning can be performed to help find critical information quickly inside of multi-page documents.
    7. Indexing/Data Entry
    Individual retrieval requirements will be met with thorough indexing of documents to ensure accurate and easy retrieval. “Indexing” is the process of naming a document so you can search and find it easily, but requires data input and human intervention at a key board.
    8. Quality Control and scanning accuracy
    Images are electronically and physically verified through each step of the document conversion process to ensure that images are accurately captured and indexed for searching according to individual customer requirements. A supervisor checks every job we process.
    9. Output/Data Retrieval/Access
    Images/Index information can be produced in multiple output formats, including PDF, TIFF, JPG, ASCII, as well as custom outputs. Documents can be returned to the customer in a variety of formats, including CD/DVD, a USB portable hard drive, or secure web-based viewing/retrieval system. All scanned documents will be loaded back onto the customer servers or put into an existing document management system.
    10. Confidential Document Destruction
    After documents are in a secure and searchable digital format, document destruction services will be offered. All documents are destroyed according to government specifications. The customer will receive a “certification of destruction” that all documents are destroyed. There is typically an additional nominal charge for the secure document destruction services.

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